Distance Reiki

Now is the best time ever!

Part of the uniqueness of Reiki as a complementary therapy is that it can be sent to another person from a distance. This is known as distance healing.

In these difficult times, with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, hands-on treatments are more problematic and need to be very carefully administered, following Government guidelines. The National Occupational Standards fully accept and support that Reiki can be sent from a distance. Distance Reiki is an integral part of the Reiki practitioner’s training and skill set. So, there is no doubt that Reiki is the most amazing tool. Fully trained Reiki 2 degree students and practitioners can send Reiki to others and regular clients can still be effectively treated as well as new clients.

Make the most of this incredible treatment – now is the perfect time.

It is very difficult to imagine that energy healing can be sent through distance like a telephone call. Many people whom I have sent distance Reiki to have felt the movement of the energy, through tingling, heat or seeing colours at the time whilst the Reiki was being sent. Even people who don’t believe this treatment would work have afterwards reported feeling of renewed energy and healing of different levels emotionally and physically.

What happens during a distance treatment?

I practice distance healing through the methods taught to me by several Reiki Masters and in keeping with the Usui method of Reiki healing. This is the very traditional method of Reiki first taught in Japan by Dr. Usui the founder of the system of Reiki most often used in the West.


All clients will have a full 20 minute consultation with me by telephone, audio or Facetime, whatever you prefer. This enables you to explain what you would like to gain from the treatment, also it gives me a full idea of your medical background and lifestyle choices. I keep client notes, as is required by law, and I make detailed notes of each treatment and your experiences of the healing journey. Consultations and notes are always completely confidential.


I arrange a time with you for the distance treatment to take place. It is really important that this is a time when you can lie down or sit comfortably at home. Most clients prefer this in the evening between 6-9 pm. It is important to not have distractions and to be in a quiet place so that you can fully relax for 45-50 mins. Please turn your phone on silent.

I will send a text to let you know that I will be sending the Reiki within the next few minutes so you can be ready to fully receive the Reiki energy.


At the end of the treatment I will text you to say what I noticed about the energy, (where the flow of energy seemed to be strongest on the body). As Reiki practitioners we never diagnose but can give insights into where healing is going and where you may need more energy. I will suggest any aftercare requirements. Usually this will to be drink plenty of water to help you detox, (Reiki provides a natural detox process). Also, I may have insights into any dietary or supplements you may need and any lifestyles changes that may be needed. I will arrange a time to call in one or two days.

Your Healing Journey

In one or two days, I will call, audio or Facetime whatever you prefer, to catch up with you to find out how your progress is with healing. I will usually suggest another treatment within a week and most clients will need four consecutive weekly treatments before treatments become less regular.

Price: £35:00 – Consultation, treatment, feedback and follow up and aftercare.
NHS Workers – Fifth Treatment FREE

During the Coronavirus crisis I am so very pleased to be able to offer Reiki distance treatments as much as possible to existing and new clients.

Please contact me by messenger or mobile to discuss organising a Reiki distance treatment.