Deepening Connections With Reiki

It’s been a long journey for me and you to get to this place….

….. how often have you sat back and felt that something has really been accomplished? Is it just human nature to feel that the struggle towards success and achievement especially in human relationships is just so difficult? We live in a world where we have little time to acknowledge or to understand that really important achievements are happening in our human connections daily.

Achievements such as listening to and understanding someone’s choices and accepting them. Wholeheartedly loving the person in your life who is there, often sharing your journey with you. Acknowledging that the air you breathe, is a gift together to be enjoyed.

Reiki practice has enabled me to feel more awareness and gratitude for these things. Using reiki in my life has helped me to make much closer and more connected relationships with others. I feel a deeper compassion and love for those in my life.

Reiki energy in essence is healing and loving and compassionate. This energy when shared and when self administered, expands outwards and connects with others around us. I find the support that I have received from many people on my journey using reiki has been immense.

When people accept reiki in their lives and embrace this energy they often connect more deeply with family and friends. Love that seems to have lost its way can often be refocused and regenerated.

Reiki is, in essence, love. This loving energy can, as love does, deepen, heal and promote more loving human connections.

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