Reflections on the Healing Nature of Reiki

I am sure I am not alone in reflecting back on the events of 2018. We are all probably asking ourselves the same sorts of questions: “what have I done?”, “what have I achieved this year?” and many other similar questions whose answers either please or frustrate us!

My most positive reflection on 2018 has been thinking about the wonderful people I have met through the practice of Reiki this year. Not just through Southampton Reiki, but also my other Reiki Practice – Workplace Reiki. I think of the
Students I’ve taught, the new companies I’ve worked at, and the clients I’ve treated. I especially think about everyone who has told me of the changes that they have noticed in the way they perceive so many aspects of their life after practicing or receiving Reiki.

Reflections on the Healing Nature of Reiki

Within myself, each year that I practice it is becoming clearer to me that when people are looking for help in any area of their lives, over time, Reiki really does cause a shift within a person: it changes who they are and the dynamic they have within themselves and with the world around them – it just takes some time to notice and become aware of this shift.

Pain can be reduced, anxiety and worry can be lifted, healing can occur more quickly. However, the shift in awareness that Reiki is instrumental in creating is, for me, the most important aspect.

With this shift in awareness relationships develop with the right people, relationships deepen, and there is more tolerance & understanding. Often issues in family and workplace relationships resolve, more awareness of other people’s needs and problems are understood and greater empathy produces patience & understanding.

As the energy of love & compassion that is Reiki is embodied and grows within the person receiving it, they transmit a different energetic personality to everyone around them.

I am trying to put into words some small piece of the many changes that I see occurring in people who regularly receive Reiki: it’s all about being open and somewhat patient. You need to reflect rather than expect with Reiki.

What I mean by this is that what you expect or want to happen may not be what happens first. You may be looking for a specific change, but something else, something deeper or from way back in the past, may need to be resolved or changed before you are truly ready for the changes you expected to actually occur.

Each small piece of healing, growth, and understanding that a person experiences along the way is often part of a much larger picture which only reveals itself over time. This ability to reflect and gain a deeper understanding of your life & situation is the true nature of the Reiki experience.

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