Workplace Reiki

In addition to offering Reiki treatments from my dedicated treatment room at my home, I also provide Workplace Reiki – where I offer Reiki treatments to employees of businesses as part of Health and Well-being in the workplace.

“Success equals a happy productive workplace. Success equals less time lost through employee illness and a place where staff feel valued and respected. Success equals businesses that look after their staff. This is easily achieved by showing staff they are valued.

Show your staff they are valued – lead the way”

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Stress in Today’s World

In today’s high-speed world full of high-stress we are all increasingly prone to succumbing to breakdown and burnouts.

No-one is completely immune from stress, and whether stress originates from our home life or work environment it still has an impact on our working life.

Why I created Workplace Reiki

Staff are the most important asset to a business, and companies are increasingly aware of how important it is to look after their staff’s well-being to ensure they are productive, able to manage during stressful times, and are supported & motivated every day.  They also want to help minimise the number of sick days their staff take, which impacts their business performance and other staff during this time.

It is now commonplace for good organisations to provide health and well-being services and treatments to their staff as part of their employment package, or as an added benefit or service – to ensure happier, healthier and more focused workers.

This is why I have created Workplace Reiki as a way to provide organisations with a way to give their staff the opportunity to access Reiki as part of a holistic approach to health and well-being in the workplace.

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